The Homestar Travel is a model for on-the-move people who want a bit of magical spectacle when on vacation, business trips or just away from the house.

homestar travel home planetarium sega toys star

It comes in a nifty mini suitcase-style box that has a handle to make moving it easier. Put it upright on the floor or a table, switch on the planetarium and you'll be gazing up at the ceiling for eternity. The Travel comes with SIX stunning night views: Antarctic Sky, Hawaii Sky, Tokyo Sky, Cairo Sky, Easter Island Sky and London Sky. Wherever you are you can see the world from your suitcase. And to add to the practical benefits of this new model, it even comes with an alarm clock function so you can be sure to wake up after a night of star-gazing.

homestar travel home planetarium mobile suitcase sega toys

homestar home planetarium home mobile suitcase sega toys